Goods and sales tax (gst)

GST is Mandatory for various Situations. You can also take GST on Voluntary basis. Apply Now with us.

For GST Registration You need to submit some Document Check here

  • If Turnover is more then
    • ₹40 Lacs Turnover of Goods.
    • ₹20 Lacs Turnover of Services.
    • 50% of Limit for NorthEast & Hills Station.
  • For the Inter State Sale of Goods
  • Electronic Commerce Operator
  • Persons who are required to pay tax under reverse charge
  • Input Service Distributor
  • Online Services Which accessible in Foreign Country

We Have Different Plans For GST Return

We Provide Affordable and flexible Plans for Small to Big Enterprizes

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Return Price starts @ ₹199


Introducing New Plan for no bills or less then 3 bill entry.

New Plan

Nil cum Starter


Upto 2 Bills No charges

₹50 for extra bills.

Yearly Package


Price Chart


Manual Plus


Digital Plus





Manual Invoice
Upto 10 Bills Upto 50 Bills - Upto 10 Bills
E-Commerce Invoice
- Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Accounting Software Invoice
- Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Other Changes
₹40 per Extra bill ₹20 per Extra bill - ₹20 per Extra bill
₹40 per Rectification Rectification Included - Rectification Included
Half Yearly Plan





Yearly Plan





Gst Registeration Documents Needed