DID I need to file GST File

-- Monday 7th December 2020

GST apply on any sale of Goods & Services, Doesn't matter how small amount. But if you don't have GST Number you can't generate bills and you can't deposit tax even if you charge it for it you need GST Number for it.

Income Tax Return Date Extend... Again

-- Saturday 7th November 2020
Income Tax Return Extend Again, Now you can file return this year ITR as late as 31st Dec also for 19-20 A.Y. already Extended for 30st Nov. But that doesn't mean that you can't face fine, as you can face as........

Because of Covid-19 ?

Govt don't release important document to tax filing software that will file income tax online and in result their are file filing start 2 months late overall. And how can you file when end terminal is not working and XML schema is not clear(that is needed for any third party developer for create filing tool).

Only factor of this year delay seem to be Covid also due to economic hit govt like to wait for tax and let people pay tax. Even last year 19-20 A.Y. till 31 Nov you can file of-course with late fees and interest on tax Unless you earn less then 250000 then you don't have to pay any fine.(not applicable to those who file regular book in ITR)

PS5 Delay in India Trademark Dispute

-- Monday 9th November 2020

For it we need to understand Trademark Dispute in India and it's Processing.

Trademark is Applied in India with different filing mode by Domestic/E-filing or International Route. E-filing is every easy and you can file it online with just Perquisite of DSC Digital Signature can be get in hours and apply in minutes

International Route based different agreement which India is part of it, it  is slow but make your case more strong. And opposition very weak.

Income Tax for Individual

-- Wednesday 28th October 2020

Its mandatory Income Tax Return


For Income more than 2.5 Lacs it is mandatory to File Income Tax. The Limit Can be more as per your Tax Slab which according to your age.

Under 60 Years

2.5 Lacs

Over 60 to 80 Years

3.0 Lacs

Over 80 Years

5.0 Lacs


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